General Overview

Carte orange

The Orange Card is a specialized Motor Third Party Liability insurance policy designed to provide coverage for vehicles traveling across multiple Arab countries. This insurance ensures that vehicles are compliant with the compulsory insurance laws in the participating countries, facilitating cross-border travel and enhancing road safety. The Orange Card is a valuable tool for facilitating safe and legally compliant travel across multiple Arab countries. By providing standardized third-party liability coverage, it helps protect vehicle owners and third parties from the financial consequences of road accidents, while simplifying the insurance process for cross-border travel. Vehicle owners traveling in the participating countries should ensure they have an Orange Card to benefit from its coverage and protections.

Scope of Coverage

  • Geographic Coverage

    The Orange Card covers vehicles traveling in the following Arab countries:












    United Arab Emirates (UAE)

  • Coverage

    Third-Party Liability: The insurance covers bodily injuries and property damage caused to third parties by the insured vehicle, in accordance with the compulsory insurance laws of each participating country.

    Cross-Border Validity: Ensures that vehicles have valid third-party liability coverage when traveling from one participating country to another, without needing to purchase additional local insurance.

  • Regulation and Tariffs

    Preset Tariffs: The insurance premiums (tariffs) for the Orange Card are determined by the Association des Compagnies d’Assurance au Liban (ACAL). These preset tariffs ensure standardized pricing across the participating countries.

    Regulatory Compliance: The Orange Card complies with the compulsory insurance requirements of each participating country, providing peace of mind to vehicle owners and ensuring legal compliance.

  • Issuing Authority

    The Orange Card is issued by insurance companies that are members of ACAL. These companies are responsible for providing the coverage and handling claims related to incidents that occur in the covered countries.


Single Policy

Single Policy

Ease of Travel

Ease of Travel

Standardized Protection

Standardized Protection


Facilitates Cross-Border Travel:

Simplifies the process for vehicle owners traveling across multiple Arab countries by providing a single insurance policy that is valid in all participating countries.

Reduces administrative burdens and the need for multiple insurance policies when crossing borders.

Enhances Road Safety:

Ensures that all vehicles on the road have adequate third-party liability coverage, which is crucial for protecting third parties and promoting safer driving practices.

Provides financial protection for victims of road accidents, ensuring timely compensation for bodily injuries and property damage.

Economic and Legal Benefits:

Helps vehicle owners avoid fines and legal issues associated with not having valid insurance coverage in a foreign country.

Supports the insurance industry in the region by creating a standardized product that can be easily managed and regulated.

Obtaining and Using the Orange Card:

Application Process:

Vehicle owners can obtain the Orange Card from any insurance company that is a member of ACAL. The process typically involves providing vehicle and driver information, and paying the prescribed premium.


The Orange Card must be kept in the vehicle at all times when traveling in the participating countries.

In the event of an accident, the vehicle owner should follow local procedures for reporting the incident and filing a claim with their insurance provider.

Claims Handling:

Claims are handled by the issuing insurance company, which coordinates with local authorities and insurance entities in the country where the accident occurred.

The insurance company ensures that compensation is provided in accordance with the local laws and the terms of the Orange Card policy.

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