Personal Accident

As Sir Winston Churchill Quotes: “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”.
All of us struggle in life against uncertainties and plan for a long secured life starting with income, savings, education, retirement and protection to ourselves as well as for our loved ones.
In order to find a solution that reduces the Impact of life’s uncertainties; Amana Insurance has developed “AMANAT AL HAYAT” which is a flexible Life insurance policy that provides you guaranteed covers and guaranteed cash value whenever it is needed.
With “AMANAT AL HAYAT”, you can tailor, according to your needs, the plan that will protect you and your family against the unexpected events that could occur in your lifetime:

  • Death Any Cause: Amana will pay your family the Total Sum insured.
  • Total Permanent Disability: Amana will pay the Sum insured related to this benefit that will help you overcome the loss of your income.
  • Waiver of Premium: In case of Total and Permanent Disability, Amana will waive all future premiums to be paid on your policy.
  • Passive War Risk and Terror: You can add this benefit to include claims resulting from military, war operations and terrorist acts.
  • Saving And Investment: At the same time, ”AMANAT AL HAYAT” will help you build up a capital with a Guaranteed Investment Strategy that can be used to cover your children’s college tuition fees or to serve as your retirement income at your golden age.
  • Premiums: The flexibility of “AMANA AL HAYAT” allows you to choose the yearly premiums according to your financial situation with the option of installments during the period of the policy.

“AMANAT AL HAYAT” is reaching your total life protection goals.

Protecting yourself from any accident that can happen to you or to your loved ones.

With a worldwide and 24/7 cover and including war cover.

AMANA INSURANCE Co. S.A.L provides you with the purchase of an affordable individual, family or group health insurance plan which is a key component to a solid protection. The new third party administrator “NeXT Care” winner award for the best “TPA” of the Mena Region has facilitated “AMANA’s unequalled service to customer needs.


Individual or Family Medical Insurance
Group Health Insurance

Ride your car with a peace of mind!  Motor insurance covers your major investment from any financial, bodily or material loss.

All Risk
Total Loss
Third Party Liability
Bodily Injury
Pleasure Boats & Yachts

Marine insurance plays a pivotal role in import, export and internal trade. Cover your Goods while in transit by sea, air or truck because they are vulnerable to be lost or damaged.

By Airplane
By Truck
By Sea

Protect your pleasure boats and yacht in case the unexpected risk arises during your journeys.

Property insurance is a protection against the risk of loss or damage to all your properties insured in case of any unforeseen accident of fire and other allied perils such as earthquake ,water damage etc…

Protect your most valuable: your Home!

Gas Stations

This policy provides coverage for loss of /or damage to the property insured by burglary whilst contained in your business, at home or anywhere else.

The scope of cover includes: theft consequent upon actual forcible and violent entry into the insured premises.


General Third Party Liability
Travel Insurance
Miscellaneous Engineering
Workmen's Compensation

AMANA’S public liability policy covers your legal liability for accidental bodily injury to third parties, or accidental damage to the property of third parties, arising from, or in connection with your business activities. Protecting your interests depends on protecting your clients.

Billboard Insurance

Travel insurance covers and assists you while traveling anywhere in the world in the event of a sudden illness or accident during your journeys outside your country of residency.

Foreign Travelers to Lebanon

This travel Insurance policy covers all foreigners visiting Lebanon on a business or pleasure trip.

Lebanese Travelers Abroad

This policy covers you in case of emergency while traveling outside Lebanon

Contractors’ All Risks’ (C.A.R) basic concept is to offer you a comprehensive and adequate protection against loss or damage to your property, such as damage to buildings and other structures being carried out as well as covering liability for third party claims such as injury and death or damage to third party property.

Erection ALL Risks’ (E.A.R) insurance offers comprehensive and adequate protection against all the site risks involved in the erection of the machinery and plant as well as steel structures of any kind. Large projects, such as the erection of huge towers or the installation of complete factory facilities, bring about so many risks for both the contractor and the principal that it is only possible to bear these risks in an economical way by taking out (E.A.R) insurance.

Contractor’s Plant & Equipment (C.P.M) insurance covers Plant & Machinery of Contractors and Factories against any unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage from any cause not specifically excluded.

Workmen Compensation Insurance covers your Liability against Bodily Injuries arising from Accidents that might happen to your Personnel during Working Hours. Protect the key players on your team, your employees and secure your business from any unpredictable accident.

In the Office
In the Workshops and Factories
School Liability
Bankers Blanket Bond

Money insurance covers cash, currency notes, coins, securities for money, postal orders, stamps, checks etc… whilst in transit or in locked safe.

Money in Transit

In case the cash is locked in a safe, coverage will include loss of money by any cause whilst in the insured premises in the locked safe or strong room and also damage to the safe or strong room caused by burglars and thieves.

Cash in Safe

The main scope of this policy  (Cash in transit) covers loss, destruction or damage to money inclusive of wages & salaries by any cause whilst in transit from the bank to the insured’s premises or while transit from the insured’s premises to the bank.

Fidelity Guarantee

AMANA ‘s fidelity guarantee insurance is a policy designed to indemnify the insured (the employer) for the loss of money or property sustained as a direct result of acts of fraud, theft or dishonesty by an employee in the course of employment. It includes reimbursement for loss resulting from dishonesty, fraud, loss of property, loss from loans or trading committed by an employee for improper personal financial gain.

School Liability insurance protects all types of schools against financial indemnities up to agreed limits resulting from the insured’s legal liability with respect to bodily injuries which might occur to the students & all the staff.

The Banker’s Blanket Bond is a package insurance protection specifically designed for the banks and financial institutions to offer protection to their assets and liabilities against financial loss suffered during the course of their operations.

The protection offers a range from loss due to infidelity of employees, loss of money in transit, on premises, forgery, hold-up, robbery and the related computer crime. It also offers cover for professional indemnity towards their customers inclusive of directors and officers.

AMANA INSURANCE offers you Credit Insurance which affords your company protection against risk from buyer default.

Foreign Labor
Orange Card Motor
Foreign Labor
By Cars
By Trucks
By Vans
Foreign Labor
By Cars
By Trucks
By Vans
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